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Kibir La Amlak is a live dub show, record label, studio and sound system based in London, UK, founded by Jamie "JT" Thomas in 2009. After a decade of worldwide festival performances, club events, numerous tours and an ever expanding list of titles in the discography Kibir La Amlak has become a household name in the world of roots reggae and dub. 

The ‘live dub show’ showcases the KLA discography with JT remixing, dubbing and reinterpreting tracks spontaneously. The show takes listeners on an improvised journey into the realms of dub, with JT as the master of ceremonies, highlighting each track with word, sound and power. Its a diverse, dynamic, musical experience with a myriad of; tape delays, spring reverb, sirens, echoes, soulful vocals, militant chants, hypnotic bass-lines, steppers drum beats, nyahbingi percussion, hammond organs, triumphant horn lines, ethereal flutes all mixed and blended into one dubwise experience, un-rehearsed, live and direct.


Kibir La Amlak pays homage to the traditional sound system style whilst offering a respectful and unique twist of it's own. As dub music journeys and grows into increasingly electronic and dance influenced forms Kibir La Amlak steadfastly hold onto the roots and culture that the scene was built upon.


The productions feature some of the cream of the crop reggae artists and musicians and also call upon an eclectic range of influences and inputs from musicians across the globe that JT has worked with whilst touring. Whether a fully blown live production or a minimalist electronic production, the Kibir La Amlak 'sound' is stamped upon all of the labels outputs. Many describe the music as deeply hypnotic or spiritual. 


The sound system has been a regular feature in top sound system arenas such as University of Dub and Teachings in Dub, United Nations of Dub, Dub Camp. JT constructed all of the various manifestations of the sound system by hand, keeping true to the 'home-grown' sound system style that originally inspired him as a young boy. 


2019 marks 10 years of Kibir La Amlak and is set to be a year which celebrates this with many top quality projects and tours to lay a further foundation for many more years to come.